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  • Sig P229 Carry (Limited Edition)

    Head over to SigForum to get the skinny and jump into the conversation about a leaked Sig Sauer P229 pistol called the P229 Carry. Continue reading

  • New Releases from Sig Sauer


    We just received word that Sig Sauer is releasing a variety of new firearms based on existing lines. Also coming are some new accessories.

    Something that stands out is the addition of keymod rails on various rifles as well as the MPX. Sig is using -km in the part number to denote keymod. Also note that the MPX Carbine is official (16" barrel).

    Interestingly the P226 9mm Equinox is back on the list. That pistol was available for order in 2014 and then pulled from the first 2015 price list but is now back on the most recent price list.

    Also coming are gray P320 / P250 grip shells!

    Prices listed are MSRP. Continue reading

  • Sig P320 / P250 Grip Module Circumferences

    We've had a number of recent inquiries regarding Sig's P320 / P250 grip modules and the circumference. Below is a diagram from Sig that shows the circumference of the grip shells.


    See all of our available P320 / P250 grip shells in our store.

  • New Ruger Precision Bolt Action Rifle

    Ruger Precision Rifle

    We just received news that Ruger is rolling out a new model of rifle called the Ruger Precision Bolt Action Rifle. The rifle is being introduce in three calibers: .308 Win, 6.5 Creekmoor, and .243 Win.

    Ruger is using a Samson rail and a the barrels are threaded with a cap in case you want to install a muzzle device or suppressor. The rifle supports AR-15 handguards, grips, and stocks. It also accepts SR-25 and Magpul mags. Also note that the provided stock side folds.

    Continue reading

  • New Spikes Spider Rails

    spider-rail-1Spikes Tactical just released a new AR rail called the Spider Web Rail.

    The rail is made out of 6061 T6 aluminum and has a 2" outside diameter with 1.75" inside diameter. The finish is Typer III Hardcoat in black. Continue reading

  • Sig Advises against Changing MPX Trigger

    We received an alert from our Sig Sauer rep yesterday advising against changing the trigger on the MPX. There seems to be an issue caused by the removal of the trigger bridge which will lead to extra wear and reduce the life of the components. Removing that bridge will void the warranty.

    Below is the messaging and illustration I received: Continue reading

  • Sig P225 Being Re-Released

    Sig P225

    There is a thread going over at SigForum.com about the Sig P225 and Jeff Creamer of Sig Sauer confirmed that Sig is releasing a US made P225 to be released sometime around July or August. Continue reading

  • Sig rolling out 10mm 1911's

    1911R-10-TACOPS We just received a notification from our Sig Sauer rep that they are releasing a 1911 TACOPS chambered in 10mm! Dealers are able to start entering orders now and we have an order in place. Continue reading

  • Sig Summer Rebate Promotion

    Sig just announced that they are running a mail in rebate program from June 15 through July 31, 2015.

    If you purchase a centerfire P220 or centerfire MCX, M400, 516 or 716 between 6-15-15 and 7-31-15 you qualify for a $200 coupon for use at Sig's online store. Continue reading

  • Sig P320 and P250 Colored Grip Shells Coming

    OD Green Grip Shell

    Sig has finally started readying the colored grip shells for the P320 and P250 series pistols. If you aren't familiar with them, take a look at the two pistol lines.

    These modular pistols allow you to change the grip shell among different sizes (Subcompact, Compact, Carry and Full Size) and circumferences (small, medium and large). Continue reading

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