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    • Glock 43 Announced - Single Stack 9mm

      This week Glock officially announced the release of the new single stack concealed carry 9mm pistol named the Glock 43.

      Glock's release: Continue reading

    • Great News! Sig MPX Mag Pouches are Shipping!

      That's right friends! MPX magazine pouches are shipping. Never mind that the MPX firearms and MPX magazines aren't yet shipping... We've got the magazine pouches on the way in both black and FDE. I guess we can cross our fingers that Sig will also soon be shipping the actual firearms / mags as the mag pouches are useless until then.

      Latest update from Sig on estimated shipping dates for the MPX is late spring or summer.

      Another WTF moment brought to you by Sig Sauer and OCG.

    • Sig selling brace solo again!

      Brace is back

      Back in December we reported that Sig had discontinued stand along PSB sales. This was a serious annoyance to dealers and consumers because many don't want the pre-packged kit (which included the buffer tube, buffer, spring, and the brace itself) because they either had the parts or wanted to use less expensive parts.

      It seems that the backlash or lack of sales on the new kits has caused Sig to recant and roll back the change. Braces are once again available without having to buy a kit.

      Additionally the braces are available in six configurations

      • PSB-AR-BLK - Standard brace, black
      • PSB-AR-PNK  - Standard brace, pink
      • PSB-AR-FDE - Standard brace, flat dark earth
      • SBX-AR-BLK - SBX brace, black
      • SBX-AR-FDE - SBX brace, flat dark earth
      • SBX-AR-PNK - SBX brace, pink
    • Sig P239 Grip Change

      We have been begging Sig to notify dealers and consumers when they make running changes to features on various firearms they offer. It can be confusing to track changes when dealing with large quantities of each model.

      Someone must be listening because Sig recently notified us of a running design change to the P239 line. Effective 3/1/15 all P239 pistols that come with the black two piece grips will ship with the Hogue one piece wrap around grip.

      It appears that this effects all P239 models with the exception of the Scorpion.

      P239 Grip Update

    • Video: MCX at Range Day - SHOT Show 2015

      Below is a quick video of Sig's MCX which we were able to demo at Sig's Range Day event at SHOT Show 2015.

      The MCX is a very modular rifle offering the ability for the end user to change calibers (with a barrel / bolt swap), handguard, and stock easily. The upper can be installed on a mil-spec AR-15 lower and doesn't require a buffer or buffer spring and this allows for the flexibility in folding / telescoping stocks.

    • Video: SIG-SD Suppressors at SHOT

      We had the pleasure of shooting a few of Sig Sauer's new suppressors at SHOT Show 2015 and compiled a short video of the suppressors in action. Enjoy!

    • More Sig German Firearms Discontinued!

      Sig SSG Discontinued

      We heard some chatter at SHOT Show regarding a few more of Sig's handguns being discontinued due to the Germany export situation. Initially we understood that the Mosquito and 1911-22 line were both going to be discontinued since they were made in Germany. Continue reading

    • Video: Sig Range Day MPX, P320, P220 10mm, and P250 22

      Below are some additional videos from our visit to Sig Sauer's Range Day event at SHOT Show 2015.


      P320 SubCompact 9mm

      P250 Compact .22 LR

      P220 Chambered in 10mm

    • More details on Sig's P220 in 10mm

      Our friends over at SigAddict.com have additional photos and details on Sig's P220 chambered in 10mm.

      See the details at SigAddict.com!

    • Video: Sig Range Day - 1911's

      Below is a quick video of some of Sig Sauer's 1911's that were available at the Range Day event.

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