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  • SIG Sauer Rebates Are Ending Soon

    Thinking of buying a new SIG Sauer pistol or rifle?

    Think fast.

    The SIG Sauer Summer Rebate programs are coming to an end. $200 back on the purchase of select SIG rifles ends on July 31st (that's in three short days) and two free mags and a soft case ends four days from now on August 1st. You'll have a couple of weeks after the purchase date to redeem your rebate, but the rebates themselves are ending soon.

    REAL soon.

  • Is Firearms Training Your Single Point of Failure?

    cut rope 1

    "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." 
    - Murphy's Law

    "Murphy was an optimist." 
    - Anonymous

    There's a saying in the "prepping" community, "Two is one and one is none", which means that if you rely on one item or plan to get you through the bad times, that single item will fail you at some point.

    This is true in industry, communications, warfare or any other endeavor that relies on equipment or processes. Things break, people forget stuff, and Murphy's Law reigns supreme.

    So how come people get their concealed carry license and think that's all the training they'll need? Or why do some people latch onto a single "style" of firearms training rather than seek out different trainers with different techniques?

    I've had training from many different firearms trainers, from local NRA-approved instructors to bigger names like Rob Pincus and Gabe Saurez. I've had training in pure "combat" techniques but also have attended classes from top-notch competition shooters like Rob Leatham.

    And you know what? None of what I learned in all those diverse training classes has stepped on or hurt my ability to learn other styles of training. The "balance of speed and precision" you learn in a Combat Focus Shooting class works just dandy in an IDPA match, and the quick target transitions I learned from shooting USPSA helps me be a better student in a self-defense class.

    In addition to all of those benefits, consider this: If (God forbid) you are involved in a self-defense shooting and wind up needing to go to court to defend your innocence after you've defended your life, the people who have trained you how to safely and efficiently use a gun can (and probably will) be called to testify on your behalf. Think about it: Would you rather have one person take the stand in your defense, or have a half-dozen people (or more) talk about how you were trained by them to safely use your gun?

    Strength in numbers is true on the street, and it's true in the courtroom as well.

    So if you've had some training beyond what's required for your concealed carry permit, consider branching out to new trainers and new classes to broaden your horizons and improve your ability to deal with whatever life throws at you.

  • Are you finished, PETA? Well then, allow me to retort.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals posted this provocative (and wrong) image on social media last week.


    Now there are some people who will tell you that soccer is not a sport, but having played in high school and college, I can tell you that yes, soccer is a sport, and a darn demanding one at that.

    But that's not my first response. This is.


    And that's all I need to say.


  • What can Johnny Cash teach us about concealed carry?

    No, NOT that shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die is a good thing.

    Rather, take a moment to listen to Johnny Cash's last hit song, a cover of Trent Reznor's "Hurt".

    Honestly, the first time I heard this, I was literally shaking after it ended. The power of Cash's voice is just overwhelming at times.

    But listen for what's not there. No bass guitar. No solo. No rhythm section of any kind. Just an acoustic guitar, a piano, some strings and Cash's amazing voice. This song can (and has) moved its audience to tears, but the song itself is very simple and very restrained, until it's time to not be restrained.

    Which brings us to concealed carry.

    • Carry what you need and what you know works.
      The lack of drums and extra instruments did not get in the way of the song, rather, they enhanced it. Same way with what we carry. Unless you live in downtown Kandahar, you don't need to carry an M4 and 20 mags with you if you're going to the grocery store.
    • Experience is better than gear.
      Does anyone REALLY think this would be a better song if some bubble-gum pop group sang it using the latest computer-tuned vocals? Me neither. By that same token, who would you rather have on your side; Clint Eastwood with a .22, or Woody Allen with an M4?
    • Sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing to do.
      The crescendo at the end works so well because of the restraint at the beginning of the song. Learning when to act and when to not act takes time, but what you save in legal fees more than makes up for it.

    R.I.P. Johnny. We still miss you.

  • How to Cook Bacon With A Machine Gun


    Step One: Acquire bacon.
    Step Two: Acquire full-auto belt-fed machine gun and a quantity of ammo sufficient to cook the bacon thoroughly.
    Step Three: Commence firing. 150-250 rounds should do it.
    Step Four: BACON!


    Full instructions over here.

  • Feed Your Eagle

    Free Magazine with a Desert Eagle

    Buy a Desert Eagle .50 AE Pistol* and receive a free 7 Rd, Black .50AE Magazine (MAG50) from Magnum Research. Models include: DE50, DE50W, DE50MB, DE50BC, DE50BCMB, DE50MC, DE50PC, DE50PCMB, DE50BN, DE50SN, DE5010.

    Buy a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Pistol* and receive a free 8 Rd, Black .44 Magnum Magazine. (MAG44) Models include: DE44, DE44CA, DE44W, DE44MB, DE44BC, DE44BCMB, DE44CABC, DE44MC, DE44PC, DE44PCMB, DE44BN, DE44SN, DE4410.

    Buy a Desert Eagle .357 Magnum Pistol* and receive a free 9 Rd, Black .357 Magnum Magazine (MAG357) Models include: DE357, DE357BC, DE357MC, DE357PC, DE357BN, DE357SN.

    Buy a Desert Eagle 1911G / 1911C Pistol receive a free 8 Rd, Black .45 ACP Magazine (MAG1911-458). Models include: DE1911G, DE1911GR, DE1911C.

    *Excludes gold custom shop finished Desert Eagle Pistols (GO, TG, TG-TS)

    Purchase a new Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 AE, .44 Magnum or .357 Magnum pistol and Desert Eagle 1911 pistol (models listed above) between June 16, 2014 to October 31, 2014 and you will qualify to receive a free black corresponding caliber magazine (as listed). This promotion does not include 24K gold, titanium gold, titanium gold-tiger striped finished Desert Eagle pistols and Desert Eagle 1911U pistol.

    Completely fill out the coupon and mail, email or fax to Kahr Arms along with a copy of the receipt for the Desert Eagle pistol purchased including the serial number. Do not send in your original receipt as this will not be returned to you.

  • What you didn’t learn in your Concealed Carry class

    Dave Spaulding (who knows more about safely teaching how to use a firearm than just about anyone else on the planet) talks about grip and stance under less-than-ideal conditions.

    One of the things that annoys me about 90% of the “tactical” training classes out there is that they teach a “perfect” grip and stance in their classes. It's good to learn such things as a reference for later training, but the fact of the matter is, you will probably never, ever use a "perfect" stance if (God forbid) you need to defend your life with your gun. Real life is not a shooting range: There’s a zero percent chance you’ll be wearing hearing protection or standing on a well-lit range if/when you need to use lethal force, and the stress you’ll be under when you do so is nothing like the stress of shooting a paper target at your local range.

    This is one of the reasons why I encourage new gun owners to shoot at least one practical pistol competition: They'll get a much better understanding of how their body and gear react to stress  and they'’ll see the need to close the gap between their skill level shooting in the relaxed environment of a square range versus their skill level under the artificial stress of competition.

    “A shooting match isn’t a gunfight, but a gunfight is certainly a shooting match.” – Massad Ayoob.

  • The SIG SAUER P320 is on its way

    We haven't *quite* got them on our shelves just yet, but if you follow us on Facebook, you'd know that Sig is shipping the brand-new P320 out this month, and as soon as we get them, we'll put them up on our website.

    In the meantime, here's SIG's Robby Johnson showing us just what the P320 is capable of doing, in the right hands.

  • Sig 938 22LR Conversion Kit Shipping

    Sig P938 Conversion Kit

    Sig surprised everyone at SHOT Show this year when, without announcement, it displayed the P938 in .22 LR. Even more surprising, Sig started shipping the P938 .22 LR pistol only a few months after the show. Many newly announced models don't hit dealers' shelves for 6+ months.

    We're happy to say that Sig seems to be reducing their new product delivery timeframes! Not only are the new P320's and 938 pistols in .22 starting to ship but they just started shipping the P938 conversion kits too.

    The part number for the new kit is CONV-928-22-TGT and it has a 4" barrel. the kit includes one 10rd polymer magazine. There is also a standard length conversion slide but we have not seen any ship as of this post.

    Place an order for the P938 conversion kit in our store.

    Continue reading

  • Sig Sauer Rifle Rebate

    SIG SAUER is offering rebates of up to $200 on select rifles purchased from July 1st to July 31st of this year.

    Mail in the completed form with a copy of the dealer receipt along with product ID label and serial # label from your rifle box and affix them to the form.

    Receive cash back on the purchase of the following rifles*

    $200 with purchase of any SIG716©
    $200 with purchase of SIGM400© or SIG516© Carbon Models
    $150 with purchase of any other SIGM516
    $100 with purchase of any other SIGM400

    *excludes SIG556xi©, SIG552©, SSG3000©, TACTICAL 2, SIG50©and SIGMPX©.

    SIG SAUER Rifle Rebate

    Valid on purchases made from July 1 to July 31, 2014
    All requests must be postmarked by August 23, 2014
    Limit 1 per customer, cannot be combined with any other offer.

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