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  • Glock Days this Weekend at OCG!

    We'd like to invite you out to our retail store on Friday and Saturday (April 18 & 19) for Glock Days!

    Glock Banner

    Drop in and enter your name in for a drawing to win a free* Glock pistol. Also a Glock representative will be on site to answer any questions you may have and he will perform free pistol inspections.

    *Note you must be 21 to enter and win

  • Just added to the store: BBL-938-9-T

    Sig P938 Threaded barrel with GemTech suppressor

    We just received Sig Sauer's new P938 threaded barrel and added it to our online store.

    The barrel should drop right into a standard 9mm P938 slide (note the specificity since there is now a P938 in .22lr).

    The thread pitch is 1/2×28 and the thread cap is included. The Sig part number is BBL-938-9-T. See it and order in our store!

  • Sig 556xi Standard Available

    Sig 556xi StandardSig is starting to ship the new 556xi models replacing the old R556 line.

    The first model to ship is the 556xi Standard featuring ambidextrous controls (the charging handle can be switched between the left and right side and the safety is ambidextrous), swiss-style stock with cheek riser, polymer hand guard, and short stroke pistol pushrod.

    We already have the rifle available for order - check it out in our store with additional photos and pricing.

  • Customer 1911 Video

    One of our customers posted a great video of his Sig 1911 TACOPS, threaded barrel, and Wilson Combat mags! Check out the video below:


  • Sig 1911 Promotion - Free 1911-22

    Sig is running a new promotion through select dealers where you get a free 1911-22 with the purchase of one of six 1911 pistols chambered in .45 ACP. The promotion will only be available through certain dealers and you'll get the 1911-22 with the .45 (no rebate forms or anything special - you'll take both home at the same time).

    A copy of the advertisement is below but the included SKU's are:

    • 1911U-45-TSS
    • 1911R-45-TACOPS
    • 1911CO-45-T-C3
    • 1911-45-SPARTAN
    • 1911FCA-45-NMR
    • 1911R-45-SSS-CA

    Continue reading

  • New Sig Sauer Platform: P320

    Sig Sauer has a new platform coming out which will be very similar to the P250 and it is the P320.

    The P320 is going to be a modular striker fired handgun with modularity like the P250.

    The P320 will be available in sub-compact, compact, and full size frames (grip shells) and the same sizes for slides. Calibers will likely include 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, and .45 ACP. I have not seen anything to suggest that .22 LR will be offered but I feel Sig is missing the boat if they don't make that caliber available. Currently the P220, P226, and P229 can be converted from centerfire calibers down to .22 LR with the separate conversion kit.
    Continue reading

  • Repeat customer?

    Just a quick note! If you're a repeat customer and have already purchased a firearm from us, we do keep all FFL's on file and probably don't need another copy (unless the one previously used expired or was invalidated).

    Just put a note with your order indicating the FFL you wish to use and we'll add it to your order which will expedite processing.

    If you are new customer, no problem! If you need help finding a transferring FFL dealer just give us a call at 573-859-6044.

  • New Ruger LCRx, GP100 Match, LCP STS

    It seems that Ruger has a few new pistols coming out in the upcoming weeks (we just received an email from one of our distributors advertising these new models which are available for order soon).

    LCP Stainless

    Ruger LCP Stainless 3730

    The new LCP Stainless (part number 3730) has a brushed stainless finish. MSRP is $429. Continue reading

  • New Remington 9mm Sub Compact Pistol - R51

    Remington was trying to keep a lid on their new R51 pistol but thanks to their distributors that already catalogued and fed their product listings to their drop shippers, the product has leaked out.

    Since it is now public, we're going to share with you what we know...

    Initially there will be two models, the standard R51 (part no 96430) and the R51 (part no 96432) with Crimson Trace laser grips.

    The R51 is chambered in 9mm with a barrel length of 3.4" barrel, 7+1 magazine capacity, and 3-dot dovetail sights. The slide is stainless and the frame is aluminum (finish is listed as Nitride / Anodize). The grips will have a polymer insert.

    MSRP on regular model is $420 and $609 on the Crimson Trace model.

    If you happen to work for Remington and are upset your new product has leaked, maybe you should pick up the phone and start calling your distributors that have drop shipping programs... 

  • Sig M400 Varminter & Predator

    Sig Sauer is expected to roll out a number of new firearms over the next few months and it seems we're seeing two of these in the form of two M400 rifles, the Varminter and Predator.

    The two rifles are very similar in terms of features but the Varminter has a 22" barrel and the Predator has an 18" barrel. Continue reading

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