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  • Solo CDP Available

    We now have the Solo CDP available in our online store. We apologize for the delay in getting it added but Kimber has been very slow to ship... Note that our product page where you can order the Solo CDP is synchronized with our real inventory system multiple times daily. If the site says it is in stock, it should be available.

  • Stainless Raptor II Back in Stock

    This is a quick inventory update - the Stainless Raptor II (part number 3200181) is back in stock. These haven't been available for some time!

  • We are still here!

    We are working to update and add the newest Kimber inventory to this site. The current inventory is updated multiple times a day to ensure accuracy. We'll soon have Solo's listed along with Solo mags, the newest Sapphire model, and the 2013 models.

    Sadly there has not been an enormous amount of new Kimber related news. There were a few new models released at SHOT 2013 and we'll get all those added with photos as soon as we start seeing shipments.

  • Rosewood Crimson Trace Grips for Solo Available

    We just received a shipment of LG-408-P10 grips - the rosewood Crimson Trace laser grips for Kimber's Solo. We've got them available for sale in our web store and photos are below.

  • Super Carry Ultra HD Available

    Kimber has been backed up with production for quite some time now. We've seen deliveries taking as long as 8 to 10 months for standard models and well over a year for more custom models (Rimfire Super and Eclipse Custom 10mm).

    We're finally seeing a lot of models that were ordered back during the first week of February. Today we've got the Super Carry Ultra HD in stock.

    The Super Carry Ultra HD was introduced in January of 2011 as a variation on the 2010 Super Carry Ultra. The prior model is two tone and has an alloy frame while the HD version is all black and has a stainless steel frame.

    The Super Carry Ultra HD has night sights (with a cocking shoulder), front strap checkering, a stainless steel frame, G-10 grips, and a KimPro II coating on the slide and frame.

  • Super Carry Custom HD

    Kimber has been shipping the Super Carry HD models for a number of weeks now but for some reason, we're just starting to see the first shipments.

    We just received and photographed the Super Carry Custom HD 1911. The Super Carry Custom HD is pretty well known. The stainless steel all black KimPro coated frame is main difference between the standard Super Carry Custom and HD model. The HD model does weight in at 38 ounces versus 31 ounces on the standard model.

    Below are photos of the Super Carry Custom HD:

    See pricing, availability, specs, and ordering information for the Super Carry Custom HD in our store.

  • Kimber Solo Carry Crimson Trace LG-408 Available

    Kimber has finally started shipping the new LG-408 Crimson Trace laser grips for the Solo Carry pistol. The Crimson Trace grips were first shown off back in January at the SHOT Show when we were shown a set of rosewood grips on a Solo Stainless.

    To date, neither the Solo Stainless pistol or the rosewood Crimson Trace laser grips are available. Instead, we have the all black Solo Crimson Trace grips (LG-408) with front activation. We can assume that the rosewood Crimson Trace grips for the Solo will be held back for the Solo CDP model.

    The black pair does not feature Kimber's logo like standard 1911 Kimber grips...

    Below are photos of the new grips and you can place an order in our store. If you want a set of grips, it is probably best that you grab a set now just in case availability ends up being similar to the Solo pistols themselves!

  • Reloading Ammo for the Solo

    If you're into reloading and have a Solo or intend to buy a Solo, there is a great discussion underway over at 1911forum.com where some of the members are sharing some of their reloading configurations.

    See the discussion at http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=322707.

  • New Crimson Trace Master Series Laser Grips

    Crimson Trace LG-906 Master Series for Bobbed 1911 FramesCrimson Trace is releasing a new line of 1911 laser grips identified as the Master Series laser grips (credit to 1911forum.com for the lead on this information).

    The Master Series of Crimson Trace grips will all have a slightly updated design to accommodate a regular size ambidextrous safety. The laser module on the top of the grips appears to have been slightly reduced in overall length which allows the safety to properly function.

    In addition to the modification to the laser module, there are new Master Series models that fit 1911's with bobtail frames (rounded mainspring housing) like Kimber's Super Carry line.

    The new 1911 Master Series models are:

    • LG-901 Rosewood -  for full size 1911's - accommodates ambi-safety
    • LG-902 Rosewood -  for compact 1911's - accommodates ambi-safety
    • LG-903 Rosewood -  for full size 1911's with bobtail - accommodates ambi-safety
    • LG-904 G10 Black/Gray -  for full size 1911's - accommodates ambi-safety
    • LG-905 G10 Black/Gray -  for compact 1911's - accommodates ambi-safety
    • LG-906 G10 Black/Gray -  for full size 1911's with bobtail - accommodates ambi-safety

    The Master Series laser grips are not yet available from Crimson Trace - release date is unknown.

  • Rimfire Super back in stock!

    Kimber Rimfire Super

    After quite a dry spell, we've finally received a shipment containing the Kimber Rimfire Super. We haven't seen a shipment with these since August of 2010! Kimber has been very backed up with .22 LR, 10mm, and .38 Super models (in addition to the Solos) and currently new orders are delayed by about 6 to 8 months!

    Head over to our store to see more photos, specs, and ordering information!

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