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Sig MPX Pistol is Shipping


Sig has started shipping the MPX pistol with stabilizing brace. The MPX was originally announced well over a year ago. The MPX is a great platform with modularity allowing caliber changes.

Below are photos of the first MPX we received.

MPX-P-9-PSB-01 MPX-P-9-PSB-02 MPX-P-9-PSB-03  MPX-P-9-PSB-05 MPX-P-9-PSB-06 MPX-P-9-PSB-07 MPX-P-9-PSB-08 MPX-P-9-PSB-09 MPX-P-9-PSB-10 MPX-P-9-PSB-11 MPX-P-9-PSB-12 MPX-P-9-PSB-13 MPX-P-9-PSB-14 MPX-P-9-PSB-15 MPX-P-9-PSB-16 MPX-P-9-PSB-17

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