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  • Sig Updates Slide Catch Lever and Grip Shells for P250 / P320


    Sig recently redesigned the slide catch lever and grip shell for the P320 and P250.

    The new slide catch lever works with old grip shells but the old slide catch lever does not work on new grip shells. Continue reading

  • Sig MCX Deployment Bag

    Sig has been quietly releasing some really nice new products to support their firearm platforms. We'll be posting some additional updates in the next week or so but this post will focus on Sig's new MCX bags.

    Sig MCX Deployment Bag - FDE

    There are two MCX bag variants with a total of three colors for each variant. The part numbers are as follows:

    Continue reading

  • New Sig P250 / P320 Full Size 21rd Extended Lenght Magazine

    Sig just started shipping a new magazine for the P320 and P250. The extended length full size 9mm magazine gives you 21 rounds, adding four to the full size 9mm mag.

    The part number is MAG-MOD-F-9-21. These will sell for around $58.00.

    See availability and order in our online store. You can add your email for notification if we are out of stock.

    MAG-MOD-F-9-21-001 Continue reading

  • STI Shot Show 2016 Photos and Booth

    We've got from STI's booth at SHOT Show 2016. Below is a quick overview of the new models along with photos below that.

    SHOT-2016-STI-01 SHOT-2016-STI-02 SHOT-2016-STI-03 SHOT-2016-STI-04 SHOT-2016-STI-05 SHOT-2016-STI-06 SHOT-2016-STI-07 SHOT-2016-STI-08 SHOT-2016-STI-09 SHOT-2016-STI-10 SHOT-2016-STI-11 SHOT-2016-STI-12 SHOT-2016-STI-13 SHOT-2016-STI-14 SHOT-2016-STI-15 SHOT-2016-STI-16 SHOT-2016-STI-17 SHOT-2016-STI-18 SHOT-2016-STI-19 SHOT-2016-STI-20 SHOT-2016-STI-21 SHOT-2016-STI-22 SHOT-2016-STI-23 SHOT-2016-STI-24 SHOT-2016-STI-25 SHOT-2016-STI-26 SHOT-2016-STI-27 SHOT-2016-STI-28 SHOT-2016-STI-29 SHOT-2016-STI-30 SHOT-2016-STI-31 SHOT-2016-STI-32 SHOT-2016-STI-33 SHOT-2016-STI-34 SHOT-2016-STI-35 SHOT-2016-STI-36 SHOT-2016-STI-37 SHOT-2016-STI-38 SHOT-2016-STI-39 SHOT-2016-STI-40 SHOT-2016-STI-41 SHOT-2016-STI-42 SHOT-2016-STI-43 SHOT-2016-STI-44 SHOT-2016-STI-45 SHOT-2016-STI-46 SHOT-2016-STI-47 SHOT-2016-STI-48 SHOT-2016-STI-49 SHOT-2016-STI-50 SHOT-2016-STI-51 SHOT-2016-STI-52 SHOT-2016-STI-53 SHOT-2016-STI-54 SHOT-2016-STI-55 SHOT-2016-STI-56 SHOT-2016-STI-57 SHOT-2016-STI-58 SHOT-2016-STI-59 SHOT-2016-STI-60 SHOT-2016-STI-61 SHOT-2016-STI-62

  • Sig Discontinuing 716 SBR and Pistol

    Sig is discontinuing both the 716 SBR (part number R716-12B-CQB-SBR) and the 716 pistol with brace (part number P716-12B-PSB).

    R716-12B-CQB-SBR-02 P716-12B-PSB-02

    I noticed that they were removed from the 2016 dealer price list and sent an email to an acquaintance at Sig. He confirmed both are being discontinued with no replacement currently available. I thought perhaps they were revising them to a Gen 2 (updated rail / gas block) or something along those lines but that is not the case. Both are being dropped from the line.

  • Sig SHOT 2016 Booth Photos

    We took quite a few photos from Sig's 2016 SHOT Show booth. Check them out below:

    SIG-SHOT-2016-Booth-001 Continue reading

  • STI 2016 Model Releases

    STI is releasing quite a few new handguns for 2016. We've got some preliminary details available. We hope to have photos and video from the SHOT floor to supplement this information. The information and photos below were obtained from STI's new product catalog.

    DVC Classic

    DVC Classic

    Legal for USPSA Single Stack Division, the DVC Classic, like the rest of the DVC Series—is built to win. This gun is perfect for the single-stack competitor with its fully adjustable rear sight, forged Master Series frame and VZ Operator II Grips. The Classic features the same 2.5lb crisp trigger as in all STI DVC guns, along with the same hammer and sear. The hard chrome nish and TiN BBL coating are sure to last for years of use. This gun also features multiple parts built by Dawson Precision, including; a tool-less guiderod, drilled and tapped extended magazine release, ber optic front sight and ICE magazine well. Continue reading

  • SHOT 2016 - Sig Range Day

    Sig Range Day

    SHOT Show 2016 is already under way! Today I had the opportunity to see and shoot a few of Sig's new offerings!

    We already know about a few new releases coming from Sig:

    • P220 Legion .45 ACP (it was on display at Range Day but it had G10 pirahna grips instead of the proper Legion grips - those should be on it later in the week)
    • Sig P210 Target and P210 Classic - Made in the US
    • P320 Target with 5" barrel
    • P227 Stainless Elite

    Sig P210 - US Made

    Sig P320 Target 5" Barrel

    Sig P227 Stainless Elite

    Continue reading

  • Kimber 2016 Discontinued List

    Kimber has drastically revamped their line for 2016. We reported on the new additions to the line and we have assembled a list of the models that were discontinued.

    Below is a breakdown of the models being discontinued. It is important to note that many of these models are being replaced with updated versions. The updated versions are getting new part numbers. Additionally some of these part numbers may include models that had limited availability Continue reading

  • Kimber 2016 Lineup and Changes

    I hinted in my previous post that Kimber is rolling out a new Micro 9 pistol and making some significant changes to their 1911 line.

    These changes include updates to some existing lines as well as dropping some older models.

    The standard black 1911 Custom II, Pro Carry II, and Ultra Carry II are all being dropped from the line. They are being replaced by the two tone variants that have been available this fall. They are also adding 9mm variants to this two tone group where the current offerings have been available only in .45 ACP. Continue reading

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