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Kimber Solo Carry

  • Kimber Solo Carry Crimson Trace LG-408 Available

    Kimber has finally started shipping the new LG-408 Crimson Trace laser grips for the Solo Carry pistol. The Crimson Trace grips were first shown off back in January at the SHOT Show when we were shown a set of rosewood grips on a Solo Stainless.

    To date, neither the Solo Stainless pistol or the rosewood Crimson Trace laser grips are available. Instead, we have the all black Solo Crimson Trace grips (LG-408) with front activation. We can assume that the rosewood Crimson Trace grips for the Solo will be held back for the Solo CDP model.

    The black pair does not feature Kimber's logo like standard 1911 Kimber grips...

    Below are photos of the new grips and you can place an order in our store. If you want a set of grips, it is probably best that you grab a set now just in case availability ends up being similar to the Solo pistols themselves!

  • Reloading Ammo for the Solo

    If you're into reloading and have a Solo or intend to buy a Solo, there is a great discussion underway over at 1911forum.com where some of the members are sharing some of their reloading configurations.

    See the discussion at http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=322707.

  • Kimber Solo CDP

    Kimber has a new Solo in the works. This new model will be called the Solo CDP and features a few improvements / desired features missing on the current Solo model.

    In addition to the Kimber Solo CDP's addition of rosewood Crimson Trace lasergrips, the Solo CDP also gains night sights, front strap checkering, and back strap checkering. The front and back strap checkering added to the Solo CDP will please a lot of shooters - some are adding skate tape to the frame to increase the texture / improve the grip because when your hand gets sweaty, it tends to get slippery.

    See the photo of the Solo CDP below along. We currently do not have a projected release date. It is safe to say that it will be around the fall considering that the Solo Stainless won't start shipping until sometime around June.

    We have 150 Solo CDP models on order already and will likely increase that depending on demand. The estimated retail price is $1,223. There will likely be very long wait times for this model considering that the demand for the regular two tone and stainless model are so backed up. If you're interested in being notified when this model is available for sale, send an email to john@osagecountyguns.com or leave a comment.

    Kimber Solo CDP

    You'll notice that the Crimson Trace grips now have the Kimber logo. The previous demo version we saw at SHOT didn't feature the logo.

    Below you'll see the Solo CDP compared to the regular Solo Two Tone.

    Kimber Solo CDP / Two Tone Comparison

    The part number for the Solo CDP is 3900009

  • Solo Update... Where are they??

    A lot of people are probably wondering where all the Kimber Solo's are. Well, so are we.

    We know that the stainless model (aluminum frame with silver finish - there has been a lot of confusion on this because it is not a stainless steel frame) is not yet shipping. My guess is that the factory is focusing on delivering as many two tone models as possible before producing / shipping the stainless model.. Based on a recent discussion with our factory rep, it is likely that shipping for the Solo Stainless will start in or after June.

    It would appear that the overall demand for Kimber's Solo was significantly higher than the factory anticipated at the time it was announced. For example, we currently have 300+ on order. I don't know how many the factory is producing per month but I'm guessing it isn't more than a thousand or two. There are at least 500 Kimber Master Dealers and probably around 1500 to 2000 dealers in total. Every dealer will have at least one on order and if they are like us, much more. You can do the math.

    Basically, the factory just can't keep up.

    They are producing and shipping as fast as possible but the demand is through the roof. 2011 is obviously the year of the subcompact 9mm - with the release of the Sig Sauer P290 and Ruger LCP, in addition to the Solo. As a minor side note, the retail price of the Solo has been increased by the factory. I honestly forgot the new price but I believe it is about $735. I'll post a correction if I find that to be wrong.

    As we hear updates or receive more news, we'll post it here. We closed the back orders on both Solo models over a month ago once we saw just how slowly the Solo's were shipping. If you'd like to be notified about availability of either model, just send an email to john@osagecountyguns.com. We'll contact everyone in order of their inquiry as pistols become available.

    On another note, we saw the rosewood Crimson Trace laser grip on a Solo Stainless back at SHOT Show in January. That grip has just appeared on the Crimson Trace website - strangely, the grip probably won't be available for sale until the fall. I'm not quite sure why Crimson Trace would advertise the grip when availability is worse than the Solo itself. The black LG-408 is supposed to be shipping sometime in the next month. Below is the graphic from Crimson Trace's website showing the LG-408 P10 - Rosewood finish. The grips will be sold exclusively through Kimber so we cannot buy them from Crimson Trace, unlike many other grips. We'll place an order for the rosewood Solo grips as soon as the factory starts taking orders.

    Rosewood Crimson Trace Laser Grips for Kimber Solo

  • Kimber Solo Carry Interview at SHOT Show 2011

    I had the opportunity to meet one of the Solo Carry engineers at SHOT Show this year and John was gracious enough to take some time to sit down with me and talk shop about the new subcompact 9mm from Kimber. Below is the video and review provided by John. We didn't want to go too crazy with the nitty gritty details but I may have another opportunity to meet and get some more video in the future. If so, I'll try to get more in-depth and offer a Q&A format with questions.

    See all of our Kimber Solo Carry coverage / news!

  • Solo Carry Stainless Photos from SHOT

    We are at SHOT Show this week and one of our first stops was the Kimber booth. We received the Solo Carry pistol from Kimber on Friday and put up a lot of coverage. Today we were able to handle and snap photos of the Solo Carry Stainless model that will be shipping very soon.

    The specs on the Solo Carry Stainless are nearly identical to the two tone model except that the frame isn't black - it has a stainless finish. The frame is not stainless steel. There has been some confusion on a number of forums and YouTube videos posted online about the frame material. It is aluminum.

  • Kimber Solo Carry Crimson Trace Lasergrips

    We're attending SHOT Show this week in Las Vegas and we thought we had seen all the surprises after the Solo Carry was shipped in from Kimber on Friday.

    Surprisingly, they already have a set of Crimson Trace lasergrips ready to go for the new Solo Carry (Stainless shown in photos). I think these would be called concept grips or demo grips - I do not believe they are in full production just quite yet.

    These rosewood Crimson Trace lasergrips look absolutely outstanding on the new Solo Carry Stainless and they make the gun feel even better in your hand. As you can see in the photos, the grips look and work just like the standard 1911 lasergrips but they fit perfectly on the Solo Carry.

    The grips have the standard Crimson Trace front activation button which works great for left or right handed shooters and the on/off switch on the lower right corner of the left grip plate. I'm assuming the grips use the same battery as the larger 1911 grips but I didn't pose the question.

    In terms of full production, pricing, and availability, we don't have an idea yet. I think the pricing will be in the lower $300 range and we may not see them until late in the year (for sale).

    Update: below is a short video I posted on YouTube showing the grips.

  • Solo Carry Specs Available

    Update 1-26-11: The note below is related to the Solo and ammunition.

    SOLO is designed to function optimally using factory-loaded premium hollow-point self-defense ammunition with bullet weights of 124gr or 147gr.  
    Examples include:
    ·         Federal Hydra-Shok JHP
    ·         Remington Golden Saber HPJ
    ·         Hornady TAP JHP
    While other ammunitions may perform well, lighter bullets and inconsistent pressures which can be found in lower quality ammunition may lead to decreased slide cycle time and result in feeding issues

    We have the Solo Carry specs from Kimber now!

    SPECIFICATIONS for Solo Carry (Two Tone Model #3900001)

    • Caliber: 9 mm
    • Height (inches): 3.9
    • Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 17
    • Length (inches): 5.5
    • Magazine capacity: 6


    • Material: Aluminum
    • Finish: Black Kimpro II
    • Width (inches): 1.2


    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Finish: Satin Silver


    • Length (inches): 2.7
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Twist rate: 1:10


    • Fixed 3-dot (white) low profile
    • Radius (inches): 4.4


    • Black synthetic
    • Checkered/smooth


    • Single action striker-fired
    • Factory setting (appx. pounds): 7.0

    Specifications for Solo Carry Stainless (All satin silver model # 3900002)

    • Caliber: 9 mm
    • Height (inches): 3.9
    • Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 17
    • Length (inches): 5.5
    • Magazine capacity: 6


    • Material: Aluminum
    • Finish: Satin Silver Kimpro II
    • Width (inches): 1.2


    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Finish: Satin Silver


    • Length (inches): 2.7
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Twist rate: 1:10


    • Fixed 3-dot (white) low profile
    • Radius (inches): 4.4


    • Black synthetic
    • Checkered/smooth


    • Single action striker-fired
    • Factory setting (appx. pounds): 7.0

    Below is some FAQ that Kimber provides with the Solo Carry. You may also download this in PDF format.

    Thank you for purchasing The Kimber® SOLO™ pistol.

    Here are some common questions about the Kimber SOLO pistol family.

    1. The SOLO looks like a 1911? Is it?
    SOLO is NOT a 1911 . While the SOLO borrows the great ergonomics, aesthetics, and quality of Kimber 1911 's (grip angle, safety, removable grips, dovetailed sights and general shape) that is where the similarities end!

    SOLO is a completely new and innovative premium defense pistol. It contains several (patent-pending) mechanisms which allow it to do so much in such a small envelope.

    2. How accurate is SOLO and what caliber ammo does it shoot?
    SOLO is exceptionally accurate. At 25 yards with premium ammunition and a solid rest, group sizes of 3 inches or less can be expected.

    Kimber recommends 9mm LUGER (9x19) factory-fresh premium defense ammunition. You should find good results with the below mentioned ammo.

    Blazer®, 9mm LUGER, 124gr FMJ (3578)
    Blazer"l, 9mm LUGER, 147gr FMJ (3582)*

    American Eagle®, 9mm LUGER, 115gr., FMJ (AE9DP)
    American Eagle®, 9mm LUGER, 124gr., FMJ (AE9AP)
    American Eagle®, 9mm LUGER, 147gr., FMJ FP (AE9FP)*
    HYDRA-SHOK®, 9mm LUGER, 124gr., JHP (P9HS2)
    HYDRA-SHOK®, 9mm LUGER, 147gr., JHP (P9HS1)

    Shooting Oynamics®, 124gr., FMJ (9APB)*
    Custom™, 9mm LUGER, 115gr., JHPI XTP (90252)*
    Custom™, 9mm LUGER, 124gr., JHP/XTP (90242)*
    Custom™, 9mm LUGER, 147gr., JHP/XTP (90282)*
    TApTM, 9mm LUGER, 124gr., JHP (90248)*
    TApTM, 9mm"LUGER, 147gr., JHP (90288)

    Golden SaberTM, 9mm LUGER, 124gr., HPJ (29420)*
    Golden SaberTM, 9mm LUGER, 147gr., HPJ (29422)*

    Sellier & Bellot®:
    9mm LUGER, 115 gr., FMJ (SB31042)*
    9mm LUGER, 124 gr. , FMJ (SB31049)

    Lawman®, 9mm LUGER, 115 gr., FMJ (53615)
    Lawman®, 9mm LUGER, 124 gr., FMJ (53616)
    GoldOot®, 9mm LUGER, 115 gr., JHP (23614)*
    GoldOot®, 9mm LUGER, 124 gr., JHP (23618)*
    GoldOot®, 9mm LUGER, 147 gr., JHP (23619)*

    USA, 9mm LUGER, 124gr., FMJ (USA9MM)*
    USA, 9mm LUGER, 115gr., JHP (USA9JHP)*
    Supreme EliteTM, 9mm LUGER, 147gr., Bonded PDX1 JHP

    *Preferred - These loads worked the best in our testing. This is not intended to be an exclusive list and your results or preferences may vary. Please check www.kimberamerica.com for periodic updates to this list.

    3. What is the recommended break in period?
    For standard initial break-in, fire 24 rounds of 124 gr or higher, high-quality factory-fresh premium personal defense ammunition.

    4. Should I lube it like my other guns?
    To avoid attracting lint, Solo was designed to require little oil.
    The instruction manual contains direction on this and other lubrication instructions - but it is important that SOLO NOT be lubricated in or near the firing pin.

    5. Any important tips about reassembly?

    Yes. It is critical that during reassembly the slide stop be installed correctly. Failure to install properly will lead to malfunction.

  • Kimber Solo Carry Photos!

    I opted to set up a separate post for the photos since there are so many. Enjoy!

    Update: See the first video:

  • Solo Carry Pre-Order Started

    Kimber Solo Carry Pre-Order

    We have started a pre-order on the new Solo Carry. We have already placed an order for 50 of each of the two tone and stainless models. We do not expect to receive all 100 in a single shipment so we are accepting a pre-order for 20 of each model. Visit our Solo Carry pre-order page for more information!

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