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B&T GHM45 Coming


B&T is releasing another new pistol, the GHM45. Overall the GHM45 is very similar to the GHM9 but obviously chambered in .45 ACP instead of 9mm.

Specs from B&T:

Article-no.: BT-450004

Calibre: .45 ACP

System: Close bolt blow back system

Operation: Semi automatic

Length: 434 mm

Width: 65 mm (incl. loading lever)

Barrel Length: 175 mm

Weight: 2.4 kg

Primary Sighting System: Foldable open sights

Sight length: 311 mm

Suppressor connector: 3-Lug

NAR Rails: 1 + 3

Charging handle: Interchangeable

Magazines: 12, 17 and 25 round steel magazines (only 17rd is included)

Handling: Ambidextrous

Also included: Two 17 round magazines, sling, case, manual.

We're told initially only 50 units will hit the US with larger shipments coming later. We're inquiring about the barrels because the specs call out a 3-lug which is rather uncommon in the US in .45 ACP.

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