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B&T Releasing new USW for Glock 17 called USW-G17

Manufacturers are starting to release some new items as we approach the fall. Last night we posted about Sig Sauer's new M400 Tread and today we're sharing a new release from B&T.

B&T has been engineering some really innovative and high quality products for the US market. We got our hands on a new USW variant for the Glock 17. It is our understanding that the USW-G17 will only work on Gen5 Glock 17's and 19's. B&T anticipates inventory hitting the states in about 60 days. Like the other USW kits, the stock is included but not attached. The end user will need to Form 1 the pistol if utilizing the stock to convert to a SBR.

B&T-USW-G17-0001 B&T-USW-G17-0002 B&T-USW-G17-0003 B&T-USW-G17-0004 B&T-USW-G17-0005 B&T-USW-G17-0006 B&T-USW-G17-0007 B&T-USW-G17-0008 B&T-USW-G17-0009 B&T-USW-G17-0010 B&T-USW-G17-0011 B&T-USW-G17-0012 B&T-USW-G17-0013 B&T-USW-G17-0014 B&T-USW-G17-0015 B&T-USW-G17-0016 B&T-USW-G17-0017 B&T-USW-G17-0018 B&T-USW-G17-0019 B&T-USW-G17-0020 B&T-USW-G17-0021 B&T-USW-G17-0022 B&T-USW-G17-0023 B&T-USW-G17-0024 B&T-USW-G17-0025 B&T-USW-G17-0026

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