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2010 Models Starting to Ship! Stainless Ultra TLE II

We just got some exciting news from our Kimber rep! We have an inbound shipment of Stainless Ultra TLE II models coming today or tomorrow.

Hopefully this is an indication that other 2010 models will follow shortly behind. In my last post I mentioned how the Ultra TLE II family was so easily overlooked. Sadly, Kimber hasn't posted any photos of this model on their site.

We'll shoot custom photos as soon as the shipment arrives and we'll post them here. In the mean time we're supplying a photo of the Stainless Ultra TLE II with the Crimson Trace lasergrips from SHOT Show.

Update 3-14-10 @ 2:45 PM: the shipment actually just arrived. We are processing the shipment and you can see the photos below. View the Stainless Ultra TLE II specs and purchase it in our store.

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