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Need to remove your Ambidextrous Safety? Easy tool...

I thought I'd share a recent experience with the removal of the ambi safety for the purpose of installing a pair of Crimson Trace Lasergrips...

We started by field stripping the pistol. For instructions on field stripping, check out this YouTube video. After taking the slide and barrel off the pistol and removing the magazine and gips, you're ready to attack the safety.

The safety is a bit tricky to remove. Not wanting to damage the pistol, I decided it was best to research the removal process. After looking around I found that the safety has to be rotated up about 20 - 25% from the disengaged position. The following 3 photos show about where the safety needs to be for removal:

Stainless Ultra Raptor Ambi SafetyStainless Ultra Raptor Ambidextrous SafetyStainless Ultra Raptor Ambidextrous Safety

From there, you have to work the safety out from the left side of pistol by carefully (and somewhat forcefully) vibrating and pulling the safety.

You'll see if it is in the right position because when you pull a bit, it will flex out from the frame. If it is in the wrong position, it really won't give. On pretty new pistols, this can be tedious - especially if you don't have a good set of small wedges handy.

I found that once you can separate the safety from the frame a few millimeters, you can slide a small zip tie under the safety and then zip it part way to create a handle. You can also put one under the front of the safety and, combined, you have a good tool to pull with that won't scratch the frame. You still have to jiggle and pull a little bit to get it to a point where you can separate it the rest of the way by hand.

Once you remove the safety lever from the left side of the pistol, the safety on the right side will rotate around to the top of the pistol. You can see some photos on this thread of this part of the removal.

Now you're ready to attach your new safety and reinsert the safety from the left side of the pistol. Reassemble your pistol and you're ready to go!

It worked like a charm and saved the cost of having to go purchase wedges and you'll reduce the changes of scratching your frame or safety. I hope this might help anyone in the future looking to remove the ambi safety. I didn't take photos during the removal process on this pistol but next time we do one, I'll take photos and add them to this post.

6 thoughts on “Need to remove your Ambidextrous Safety? Easy tool...”

  • John

    It worked great, but the removal is a real pain in the azz. Thanks for the cabel tie tip.


  • Scott H

    Worked like a charm. Installed the shortened right hand safety for my Crimson Trace grips. Thanks.

  • Roger Morris

    Am visiting relatives out of state and did not have access to cable ties as I begun the installation @ around midnight while everybody else was asleep. Looking for something to improvise with, I found that a loop of durable fabric (I used what was available: pot holder looped strap as I was sitting at the kitchen table), but I will state that a strong shoe lace would work just as easily. The cloth has minimal chance to score the finish of the pistol and it made the impossible seem effortless.


      Good suggestions. That would definitely work well too. The only thing I like about the zip ties is that they are so thin that they can be easily slid under the safety once you get it started. I also use one to compress the pin that sits in front of the safety (during reassembly). I then cut the zip tie and slide it out. It works quite well. I have detailed photos illustrating the process that I will add as soon as I can.

  • Mitch

    What a great idea. Worked like a charm and took only a couple of minutes to remove and instal the new, shorter ambi right side safety.
    Thanks for the info.

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