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Kimber 9mm 1911 Pistols

If you are looking for a Kimber 9mm 1911, there are quite a few models to choose from... Kimber has been making their 1911's in 9mm for somewhere in the range of 7 to 10 years.

Currently, there are 12 Kimber 1911 9mm models in production. These models are (click the thumbnail for detailed specs and photos):

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Kimber 9mm 1911Below are some of the models we were able to find release dates for:

  • Pro Carry II 9mm - 2005
  • Tactical Pro II 9mm - 2005
  • Aegis Ultra II - 2007
  • Aegis Pro II - 2007
  • Aegis Custom II - 2007
  • Stainless II 9mm - 2008
  • Stainless Pro Carry II 9mm - 2008
  • Stainless Ultra Carry II 9mm - 2008
  • Gold Match Stainless II 9mm - 2008
  • Ultra CDP II 9mm - 2008
  • Team Match II 9mm (replaced Team Match II in .38 Super) - 2009

Kimber Aegis 9mm Family:

The Aegis Family is the only family of Kimber 1911's chambered only in 9mm. These are all Custom Shop models and have a number of desired features including front strap checkering, night sights, a short left sided safety, and slim rosewood grips (ideal for those with small hands). All Kimber 1911 9mm models will have much less recoil than comparable .45 ACP models.

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