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Kimber Solo Carry

Kimber Solo Carry 9mm Pistol

Update 1-25-11: We have started a pre-order on the Solo Carry. We have 100 of each model on order and are taking an initial pre-order on 20 of the two tone and stainless model.  See the pre-order information on the Solo Carry store page.

Update 1-14-11: We have photos and a spec sheet. The Solo Carry is a 9mm sub-compact pistol with an aluminum alloy frame (looks like KimPro II coating), ambi-thumb safety (looks like 1911 bobbed safety), ambi magazine release, and 1911 slide release. A 6rd magazine is supplied with the gun and in a while, 8rd magazines will be available.

From the spec sheet:

One of the most significant firearm introductions in a generation, the Solo puts 9mm power in a micro-compact platform with unequaled Kimber quality, performance and dependability. It was designed from the ground up to be the finest pistol in its class. Built to last, the Solo features a stainless steel slide and barrel along with a frame machined from the finest aluminum. Near-perfect 1911 ergonomics, smooth trigger pull and high quality sights are just some of the attributes that make this gun the easiest to shoot as well as the most accurate small pistol on the market.

From Kimber's site:

The Kimber legacy of offering the finest production firearms available today continues with the Solo™, a new pistol that puts the power of the 9mm cartridge in a microcompact size usually reserved for smaller calibers. Power aside, what really sets the Solo apart is quality, dependability and 1911 ergonomics that ensure comfortable shootability regardless of hand size. This all comes together to put Solo performance in a class by itself.

With a barrel length of just 2.7 inches, Solo pistols are easy to carry and conceal. Many of the features borrowed from 1911 pistols also make them exceptionally safe. A manual ambidextrous thumb safety, checkered slide release and ambidextrous magazine release button enable fast and intuitive operation. Then there is the single action strikerfired trigger pull–even and smooth.

Solo frames are machined from the finest aluminum and finished in KimPro II, a premium finish that is selflubricating and extremely resistant to salt and moisture. Slides and barrels are cut from stainless steel. Edges are rounded and blended, slide serrations are deep enough to really work and the dovetail-mounted 3-dot sights are quick to target. No other small pistol can compare.

The Solo Carry will be offered in two models, the regular Solo Carry and the Solo Carry Stainless.

Kimber Solo Carry Flyer

Original posting on 1-13-11:

Tomorrow Kimber is coming out with a new pistol. I don't yet know what it is but I know that it is called the Solo Carry.

This will be the first time Kimber is producing a pistol aside from a 1911 in a good number of years. The part number is 3900001. I know it isn't a 1911 and it isn't a revolver and it isn't polymer. There will be variations - most likely in finish or color.

Check back here tomorrow morning as we'll have extensive details, photos, specs, and pricing.

Below is a quotation from the email I received alerting me about the new Solo Carry:

In early 2008, we undertook a project whereby we would do what other companies do not.  We insisted on obtaining the direction of our retail partners to help us design and build a new product.  Most of you helped extensively in this process by providing us invaluable input, some through surveys, some through meetings, and some through personal conversations. We condensed and measured your recommendations, then married them with what we insisted a Kimber MUST BE, and went to work.  Tomorrow you see the results.

- Thanks to Mark for pointing out my mistake. This isn't Kimber's first non 1911.

See all the Solo Carry photos in our other post!

See detailed Solo Carry specs now!

12 thoughts on “Kimber Solo Carry”

  • Ryan

    Beautiful gun. Everyone is releasing 6 shot 9mm guns and none have show what their 8 rounds mags look like i.e. Sig, Kimber. I want a pinky extension.

    Only thing I would say is they need to add some stippling or texture to the mag release.

  • rory gibbons

    Ask them to ensure it is CA. legal and I will buy one for every memmber of my family, I have allready bought my son a kimber 1911 with night sights and SS it is his "go to piece." and has saved his family once (attemted strongarm robbery 4 against him.) Kimber makes execellent products a6t a fair price, the american formula for success.

  • Freeman Weems

    What does the gun weigh?

  • Mark

    "This will be a first time Kimber is producing a pistol aside from a 1911."

    Never heard of the Kimber KPD?

  • Kimber1911Pistols.com

    The weight is right at 17.2 ounces. See

  • Clarence

    Love the looks of the new Kimber Solo, would just love to own one if they would put a longer barrel on the thing. The problem with carrying conceal isn't necessarily the length of the barrel/slide but the grip and the signature that it leaves on the covering garment. Being as thin as it is, a 3.5" - 4" inch barrel would (IMO) make it the perfect conceal carry.

    Hope that Kimber will consider this possibility.

  • Jack Connolly

    Does anyone know how wide the slide is? This is the real test for IWB carry more so than weight.

  • Jack Connolly

    Clarence is right! In fact while the short barrel make for better pocket carry, it may be too short to be stable for inside the waist carry.

  • brightIdea

    slide is .99 inches; 1.2 with safety
    weight 17oz without maz
    length 5.5
    height 3.95 (?)

  • Steve

    Reminds me of the colt 1903 pocket hammerless. classy piece

  • Steve

    Are the grips on a 3in Kimber the same size as a full size 5in Kimber?

    • Kimber1911Pistols.com

      The grips on the current 3" Ultra models and Compact models are not the same as the Pro and Custom models that have a 4" and 5" barrel. They are shorter. When shopping for grips for a 3" Ultra, you'll want to look for grips labeled as compact. Once the factory starts shipping the Super Carry Ultra+ and Ultra CDP+ things will be a bit more confusing since those two models will have the same frame / grip height as the Pro and Custom models.

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