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Kimber Ultra CDP II 9mm Available

Kimber Ultra CDP II 9mmWe've been really busy this week - a number of new Kimber 1911 handguns have arrived. One of the widely sought models, the Ultra CDP II 9mm came in.  We have the Ultra CDP II available in our online store.

2 thoughts on “Kimber Ultra CDP II 9mm Available”

  • Vladimir

    Do you have Kimber Ultra CDP II 9mm with Trace Lasergrip?

    Thank you



      Hi, Kimber hasn't started accepting orders on the new models yet. They will be taking orders starting on January 1. We have already communicated to our rep that we will be taking a bunch of each of the new models and he will place our order for us at open of business on Jan 1. This should ensure we are one of the first dealers to receive the new models. Keep an eye on our blog - we will post updates when the models arrive.

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