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Recoil Reduction

We have been in touch with a company in California that offers recoil reduction muzzle breaks for rifles and shotguns. They also offer a recoil reduction treatment for handguns. The process involves laser porting the top of the slide and barrel. The company says that on a 5" 1911, the recoil will be reduced by 95% and roughly 50% on a 3" model. We send in one of our personal Kimbers for the treatment so that we can put it to the test.

The model that we'll be testing is a 3" Ultra Covert II. We sent the Ultra Covert to the company last week and will have it back in our hands in a few weeks. We'll do our best to accurately illustrate the effects of their service. We will be shooting some HD video of the modified Covert along side an unmodified one. We'll also post some very detailed macro photos of the porting.

We're very eager to see the results and share them. If all goes well with the 3" model, we will send them a 5" slide and barrel for testing. Once we can document the results, we hope to start offering some select models that are already ported.

2 thoughts on “Recoil Reduction”

  • Anthony

    Are there any updates on the porting? Very intresting. Would like to hear more.


      Hi Anthony,

      We did receive the test model and have done some initial testing - on the 3" Kimber, the level of recoil reduction is not as great as we were hoping. I do believe that there will be more noticeable results on a 5" model...

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