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Sig Drops a Few Models in 2015

We've been seeing quite a few new 2015 models (rifles, pistols, P320's, and CALX Kits, from Sig Sauer between scouring distributor websites for leaks and Sig's own Instagram page.

We're now finding out that a few more models are being discontinued for 2015. We also listed a significant chunk of discontinued part numbers back in June.

In 2015, Sig is obsoleting some more models including what appears to be the entire Dark Elite line across all families. Those part numbers are as follows:


The most logical reason that these are being discontinued is that they probably just don't sell well and Sig is looking to thin the number of firearms being offered.

Next up we have a batch of 716 part numbers being flagged as discontinued. We already know that a redesigned Gen 2 model 716 is on the way for 2015 and it is totally logical that the older part numbers are being dropped as production changes to the updated line. We saw the same thing when Sig changed the 516 from Gen 1 to Gen 2 (mainly due to the updated gas block / push rod design on the 516).

The 716 is seeing a significant overhaul including a new rail design and updated gas block. The rifle will weigh much less than the current 716 as well.

Below are the 716 part numbers being replaced with Gen 2 versions. Note that not all of these will get a Gen 2 replacement. The Gen 2 DMR, for instance, will only be 16" instead of 18. We don't see the 3 Gun model in this list but assume it will be discontinued entirely.


The next group of part numbers is a mix and match of random handguns that we suspect are being discontinued due to slow sales. The 5.11 Tactical 1911 was originally introduced and marketed as a limited production run so most likely that run is over and it is being obsoleted.

M11-A1-25TH (Note that we ordered these but never saw one and don't think they ever shipped. They may have been abandoned before going into production.)
1911FCA-45-511 (This was originally slated as a limited production run and at the price point I suspect demand has fallen off to the point that they aren't going to continue the offering.)

Below are additional rifles being discontinued.

RM400-16B-EC (most likely being replaced by the RM400-16B-ECP which has flip up sights)
RM400-16B-EC-FDE (most likely beingreplaced by the RM400-16B-ECP-FDE)
RM400-16B-EC-ODG (most likely beingreplaced by the RM400-16B-ECP-ODG)
R50-H29F-AM (This is Sig's Sig50 which is nearly identical to the McMillan Tac50. We suspect the $9500 price point is the reason it didn't sell well, along with the cost of ammo. Strangely this model is listed as discontinued but still shows in the active part list for 2015 so it may or may not be discontinued.)

Below are CA legal models that are flagged as discontinued.  We suspect Sig is thinning the number of CA legal rifles offered just because there were so many.

The following are models that were sold in CO, IL, HI, and MD:

The following are models that were sold in MA, NJ, and NY:

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