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Sig P320 Caliber X-Change Kits Get Official, And More Kryptec Is On The Way

First it was P320's. Then it was the other Sig Sauer Pistols. Next, Sig Sauer's rifles and carbines. Now it's time to talk about pistol braces, caliber exchange / conversion kits and what we've seen leaked but are not seeing listed.

First off, a word about our sources. All this information was culled from organic, free-range, shade-grown, fair trade websites that are out there for everyone to peruse. We not telling you anything new, we're just reporting on what Lipsey's has posted.

Now, on to the guns!

SKU Description MSRP
PSB – Equipped Guns
P716-12B-HUNTER SIG716, Hunter, 12" Barrel w/PSB, Kryptec Finish $3,062.00
PM400-300B-9B-S-PSB Pistol, .300 Blackout, 9" Barrel, Aluminum Handguard, PSB $1,542.00
PM400-300B-9B-ELITE Pistol, .300 Blackout, 9" Barrel, Keymod Handguard, PSB $1,656.00
PMCX-9B-AL-PSB Pistol, MCX, 5.56mm NATO, 9" Barrel, Aluminum Handguard, SB15 Brace $2,285.00
PMCX-300B-9B-AL-PSB Pistol, MCX, .300 Blackout, 9" Barrel, Aluminum Handguard, SB15 Brace $2,285.00
PMCX-762R-9B-AL-PSB Pistol, MCX, 7.62x39mm, 9" Barrel, Aluminum Handguard, SB15 Brace $2,285.00
PMCX-300B-9B-AL-PSB-CKIT Pistol, MCX, .300 Blackout, 9" Barrel, Aluminum Handguard, SB15 Brace, 5.56mm Exchange Kit $2,570.00
PSB-AR-PNK SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, Pink $139.00
PSB-KIT-BLK SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, Black, Pistol Buffer Tube $249.00*
PSB-KIT-FDE SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, Flat Dark Earth, Pistol Buffer Tube $249.00*
Caliber Exchange and Conversion Kits
CONV-250-22-T P250 .22LR Conversion Kit, Railed Frame, Threaded Barrel
CONV-250-22 P250 .22LR Conversion Kit, Railed Frame
CONV-938-22 P938 .22LR Conversion Kit $399.99
CALX-320C-357-BSS Caliber X-Change Kit, P320 Compact, .357Sig $399.99
CALX-320C-40-BSS Caliber X-Change Kit, P320 Compact, .40S&W $399.99
CALX-320C-9-BSS Caliber X-Change Kit, P320 Compact, 9mm $399.99
CALX-320F-357-BSS Caliber X-Change Kit, P320 Full Size, .357Sig $399.99
CALX-320F-40-BSS Caliber X-Change Kit, P320 Full Size, .40S&W $399.99
CALX-320F-9-BSS Caliber X-Change Kit, P320 Full Size, 9mm $399.99

* Not certain on this, but at that price, they might include a spring and buffer as well.

With the P250 .22LR out there, a .22LR P250 conversion kit was sort of a given, and it's nice to see a bunch of P320 CalEx kits also coming our way soon.

Sig is adding even more Kryptec guns, this time in a 12" barreled pistol version. We haven't seen pics of it yet, but it'd be interesting to see what color of PSB it ships with...

What's NOT On The List

- Silencers.
Sig's been talking about them and showing them off online, but we haven't seen any new models released as of yet.

- The 716G2 in other colors besides black.
Again, there's pictures of them out there in the wild, just no SKU's right now.

- A civilian version of the military's Modular Pistol.
We've not heard of any plans to release that gun to the civilian market, but given the history of similar military projects (coughcoughMk23coughcough), it wouldn't surprise us one bit to see the Modular Pistol head our way sometime soon.

- Kryptec.
How many new camo guns does Sig Sauer have up their collective sleeve? We'll soon find out, and when we do, we'll post it here.


Updated 5-11-15 to reflect updated pricing.

5 thoughts on “Sig P320 Caliber X-Change Kits Get Official, And More Kryptec Is On The Way”

  • Chip van meter
    Chip van meter May 21, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    What happened to the price of the Xchange kit for P320? I had planned on getting a .45 and find out it will not be a kit need to buy the entire firearm again. My purchase was based on the modularity of the product now I cant do that and the price went up from 320.00 to 399.00 that is ridiculous and kind of greedy in my opinion.

  • marty

    Agree, the price is getting nuts especially for only having 1 mag.
    Availability and variety is weak.

    Sig wasted so much time and energy and resources making GIMMICKY CRAP like Diamond plate slides, desert dirt models, etc, etc, for the P250, they should have concentrated on the 22lr kit 5 yrs ago and just general production of the various x change kits and parts.

    I want to see a whole lot better pricing BETTER availability of parts and x change kits, for the p320, before I will ever consider spending the money for it, ( which is also a bit too high!) compared to comparable p250.
    ( 50dollar mags NOT!! )( gees they could have designed 250/320 it to take a standard P series mag) OR MADE A GRIP FRAME TO UTILIZE CLASSIC P SERIES MAGS.

    Heck, one should be able to easily find and buy spare TAKE-DOWN PINS.

  • Paul

    You will not the kit limitations here and elsewhere. I have a P320 C 9mm black and seeking a subcompact X-Change, also in 9mm. I have diligently and frequently search the internet, but to no avail. Why advertise a product that's not distributed. Yes, kits can be bought directly through Sig paying Sig prices in the amount of $399.00. Ludicrous at best! That's close to the cost of another fully functional gun.

  • Mick

    Agreed Paul. I've been searching for SC 9mm CALX for two months.

  • Ron

    I heard from a master gun dealer for sig they are alluminating the p250 series. They are not going to be making the p 320 subcompact 45. I think this wrong!!!!!

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