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SIG SAUER Rebate : Two Free Magazines & Pistol Case


SIG SAUER has a new rebate offer available from now until August 1:

Buy any centerfire SIG SAUER handgun, fill out the rebate form, and receive two free magazines and a pistol bag directly from SIG SAUER. For more details, please visit

2 thoughts on “SIG SAUER Rebate : Two Free Magazines & Pistol Case”

  • Sean sprowl

    I thought 2 mags and bag deal was still going on and I bought the sig 238,and just seen it ended Aug 1st figures

  • Mike bright

    dont feel bad I fell within the deadline and sig refused the rebate, getting ready to file a bbb claim. They are not responding to me several times. They make a nice gun they do not need the rebates to make sales. The dishonest sale rebate program needs to go a away. Or they need to be honest and honor there rebates.

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