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Sig Advises against Changing MPX Trigger

We received an alert from our Sig Sauer rep yesterday advising against changing the trigger on the MPX. There seems to be an issue caused by the removal of the trigger bridge which will lead to extra wear and reduce the life of the components. Removing that bridge will void the warranty.

Below is the messaging and illustration I received:

MPX Trigger Compatibility

The SIG MPX has a fire control group specifically designed to accommodate the high impulse of the MPX operating system.  The MPX Trigger Bridge (indicated below by arrow) is in place to reduce wear and extend the life of the factory installed fire control components.  Removal of the Trigger Bridge is NOT recommended and will void the warranty of the firearm.  While the SIG MPX fire control components are similar to the AR15 platform, and aftermarket fire control components may fit, installation is NOT recommended in the SIG MPX.  Doing so may result in damage to the MPX proprietary fire control components or the aftermarket components you installed.

MPX Trigger Bridge

I'm told that Sig will be including this information with all future MPX shipments.

Update 9-10-15: On the topic of Sig MPX triggers, here is a video from one of our friends who goes into detail about the trigger and installs an ALG trigger in his MPX.

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