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Sig P225 Being Re-Released

Sig P225

There is a thread going over at about the Sig P225 and Jeff Creamer of Sig Sauer confirmed that Sig is releasing a US made P225 to be released sometime around July or August.

The comment from Jeff is below:

LDD's earlier post was correct, although the first release will be stainless slide / aluminum frame. All stainless version to follow. The slide contour is identical to the legacy P225. The frame contour deviates from the 225 in that the trigger guard shape mirrors the 228. We're excited about it. Look for a July-August release.

-Jeff / SIG SAUER, Inc

We will update this thread as we obtain additional information about the new P225. Head over to SigForum to see the conversation and get in on the chat. Jeff's comment is on page 2.

Below are stock photos of a P225 that was made in Germany that we once had in stock. The new P225 will have some slight variations as described by Jeff.

 sig-p225--04 sig-p225--05 sig-p225--06 sig-p225--07 sig-p225--08 sig-p225--09 sig-p225--10 sig-p225--11

13 thoughts on “Sig P225 Being Re-Released”

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  • CreeepyChris

    I cant seem to find any pricing. I hope they are still $325 like the ones I bought 2 years ago.

    • OCG

      I'm confident it won't be anywhere near that price. Since these have been our of production those must have been used. I suspect we'll see pricing comparable to the P239.

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  • Paul C.

    I bought one of the first ones in AZ. It was not at a local gun store but in the base BX. It feels great and even though I love my various 1911s, I do have my SIG 226 and 229 with threaded barrels. Love desert tan but when I found the 225 I did not care. It fires well and is highly accurate. I have had a devil of a time trying to pick up more magazines but those who I let fire it said they wanted one too. As most of these people are 1911 die hards, the single stack mags did not overly concern them. Most did see the need for a pouch with two back up mags. In the military my duties included investigations, protective services, and anti/counter terrorism. The issue weapons ranged from SW Model 36 three inch barrel .38, a 1911, a M 9, the .45 USSOCOM, SIG and then once in Special Operations, my choice. In Beirut I carried a Colt Gold Cup and Browning High Power with a MP5SD3 and Ankle rigs with Walther PP .380. I would have chosen the 225 as it digests all varieties of .45 had they been available.

  • Edward Kaufman
    Edward Kaufman June 18, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    When will pricing be available? I have 228 and would like to add the 225 to the collection.

  • Mahabub Hassan
    Mahabub Hassan July 9, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Hi there,
    Sig P225 is a amazing pistol.
    It is very nice and it engrossed me for It's look.
    I want to bye it when it will release.
    Thanks for this post :)

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  • red

    It's October... Where are the new P225s? Let me know when I can preorder.

  • James Bowens

    I am glad I kept my Like New German Mfd. Sig 225/M6 pistol. I think it has about a box of 9mm fired through it.

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