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Sig P225 is Official

We learned back in June that Sig was going to be producing a US manufactured P225. We didn't know at the time exact specifics, ship dates, or exactly what features it would have. We know now!


Initially there are two variants with sights being the only difference.

The part numbers are 225A-9-B-CL (contrast sights) and 225A-9-BSS-CL (SIGLITE night sights).

The features include:

  • Single stack 8rd magazine capacity (this does not use a regular P239 magazine as some have asked)
  • Ships with two magazines
  • Nitron coated stainless steel slide
  • Black hard coat alloy frame
  • Short reset trigger
  • Black checkered G10 grips
  • MSRP $1122.00 (contrast) / $1236.00 (night sights)

Specs (compared to some other Sig models):

P225A P239 P229 P220
Overall Length:  6.9" 6.6" 7.1" 7.7"
Overall Height:  5.2" 5.1" 5.4" 5.5"
Overall Width:  1.26" 1.2" 1.5" 1.5"
Barrel Length:  3.6" 3.6" 3.9" 4.4"
Sight Radius:  5.2" 5.2" 5.7" 6.3"
Weight with magazine:  30.5 oz 29.5 oz 29.6 oz 30.4 oz
Trigger pull  (DA/SA): 10 / 4.4 lbs 10 / 4.4 lbs 10 / 4.4 lbs 10 / 4.4 lbs

Update 11-2-2015:
We have the P225A in stock as of this update.

P225A Overview video:

Update 11-3-15:

We've got detailed photos of the P225A below.

Sig-P225A-001 Sig-P225A-002 Sig-P225A-003 Sig-P225A-004 Sig-P225A-005 Sig-P225A-006 Sig-P225A-007 Sig-P225A-008 Sig-P225A-009 Sig-P225A-010 Sig-P225A-011 Sig-P225A-012 Sig-P225A-013 Sig-P225A-014 Sig-P225A-015 Sig-P225A-016 Sig-P225A-017 Sig-P225A-018 Sig-P225A-019 Sig-P225A-020 Sig-P225A-021 Sig-P225A-022 Sig-P225A-023 Sig-P225A-024 Sig-P225A-025 Sig-P225A-026 Sig-P225A-027 Sig-P225A-028 Sig-P225A-029 Sig-P225A-030 Sig-P225A-031 Sig-P225A-032 Sig-P225A-033 Sig-P225A-034

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