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Sig P229 Carry (Limited Edition)

Head over to SigForum to get the skinny and jump into the conversation about a leaked Sig Sauer P229 pistol called the P229 Carry.

This pistol, according to the leaked specs, will be a P229 chambered in .40 S&W with 3.5" barrel, non-railed alloy frame (looks like a P224 SAS frame with the overall height of a P229 frame, G-10 grips, front strap checkering, and night sights.


Click the graphic above to go to the post on Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Sig P229 Carry (Limited Edition)”

  • […] Is this the one : Sig P229 Carry (Limited Edition) / Osage County Guns Blog […]

  • […] There is a P229 Carry being released. One of the less logical things to come from SIG. It is basically a P229 with a P224 slide. Look close at the pics above and compare to pics of the P229 on SIG's web site. The slide is shorter than that on all other P229s. I don't know why they built it. The slightly shorter slide isn't going to buy you anything. Either carry a P229 or a P224. I'll be skipping this one. Here is some more info on it. […]

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