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Sig P320 / P250 Grip Module Circumferences

We've had a number of recent inquiries regarding Sig's P320 / P250 grip modules and the circumference. Below is a diagram from Sig that shows the circumference of the grip shells.


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2 thoughts on “Sig P320 / P250 Grip Module Circumferences”

  • Sid Dulle

    Picked up my Sig 320 9mm Carry last week from your Belle location. Great pistol and great service. Thanks so much. As I've sent a number of rounds down range over the last week, I believe I may benefit from the small grip rather than the median grip I believe it came with. To my the "carry" grip the same as the "compact" grip?

    Thanks for your time...and again for your fine service. The military bearing I so remember many years ago now serves your company well.

    Sid Dulle

  • Clyde Zackery
    Clyde Zackery July 8, 2018 at 8:57 am

    Yes, they are the same medium sized module

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