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Sig Pausing P365 Production

We follow quite a few Facebook groups to stay on the front line and monitor consumer discussions. There is a post in the Facebook group Sig Sauer P365 ( by Phil Strader:


Again, thanks for everyone’s input and feedback with regards to the P365. There have been isolated incidents of the pistol’s failure to return to battery. Although this can possibly be traced back to a grip issue (whether unlocked wrists or high thumbs), we do not want even rare instances of issues to make our customers lose confidence in the P365. Therefore, we are tweaking the gun to improve RTB conditions. This will help to allow every 365 user to experience what so many have already expressed online in very positive reviews. We are making these adjustments now and will resume shipping very shortly. Thanks again for everyone’s patience.

We have not received any information on this directly from Sig. We inquired with our rep and he was unaware of Phil's post as well as the short hold while Sig tweaks the pistol. It is likely that this is a very short term hold or pause in production. We'll post updates when we receive more information.

Currently, we have orders for the 365-9-BXR3 that are showing estimated ship dates from Sig next week. We typically find those dates to be somewhat inaccurate but hopefully we'll see some shipments in the next few weeks. To date we have received two 365-9-BSS and can confirm that one of them has an issue with the front sight not glowing. It will likely go back to the factory for new sights.

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Update 2-15-18: We're attending an industry show (dealer show) and we were told that Sig has started shipping the P365 with Xray 3 sights. Below are photos of the P365 with Xray 3 sights at the show.









Update 2-19-18: Another update on Facebook from Phil Strater of Sig Sauer:

We’re pleased to announce that the P365 has resumed shipping. Thanks to great customer feedback, we were able to make helpful tweaks to the platform. This includes shipping all new P365s with our X-Ray 3™ day/night sights. Owners who are experiencing any issues with their original P365 SIGLITE® sights can contact customer service to have X-Ray 3s shipped to them at no charge. We have also made minor spring adjustments to address isolated incidents of failure to battery (FTB) which are directly related to the off-center/light primer strikes. While we believe some of the FTBs could be the result of varying grip issues, everyone will benefit from this adjustment. Finally, in order to curb the potential of barrel or slide wear in pistols with a tighter tolerance stack, we have made two relief cuts to the barrel. Though this wear is only cosmetic and has been determined by tireless R&D efforts to confirm that it has no relationship with some of the issues experienced, these cuts will minimize most show of wear. SIG SAUER appreciates the excitement around this game-changing pistol, and we look forward to your continued support and helpful feedback.

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