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Sig Releases P220 Legion 10mm & More!

Sig P210 US - Range Day - 210A-9-TGT

(Pictured above, Sig P210 Target, US version)

Summer is typically pretty slow for the firearm industry but many manufacturers use this as a time to release new products. Today Sig Sauer announced a number of new pistols and accessories.

  • Sig P220 Legion 10mm - 220R5-10-LEGION
  • Sig P226 9mm Legion RX, 10rd - 226R-9-LEGION-RX
  • Sig P226 9mm Legion RX, 15rd - E26R-9-LEGION-RX
  • Sig P226 9mm Legion SAO RX, 10rd - 226R-9-LEGION-SAO-RX
  • Sig P226 9mm Legion SAO RX, 15rd - E26R-9-LEGION-SAO-RX
  • Sig P229 9mm Legion RX, 10rd - 229R-9-LEGION-RX
  • Sig P229 9mm Legion RX, 15rd - E29R-9-LEGION-RX
  • Sig P320 Full Size RX with contrast sights - 320F-9-B-RX
  • Sig P320 Compact RX with contrast sights - 320C-9-B-RX
  • Sig P226 9mm Contrast RX Caliber X-Change Kit - CALX-226-9-B-RX
  • Sig P229 9mm Contrast RX Caliber X-Change Kit - CALX-229-9-B-RX
  • Sig P320 Compact 9mm RXCompact Caliber X-Change Kit - CALX-320C-9-B-RX
  • Sig P320 Full Size 9mm Contrast RX Caliber X-Change Kit - CALX-320F-9-B-RX
  • Sig P210 Target (US Version) - 210A-9-TGT

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The use of contrast sights makes a lot of sense and cuts the price somewhere between $50 and $100.

The P210 Target was on display and I shot a variant at SHOT Show back in 2016 but they seem to be pretty close to release! Additionally I'm told the P320 X-Carry (320XCA-9-BXR3) should be shipping within a few months!

We are waiting to get our hands on some photos of the Legion RX pistols and will post them when we can!

Update 7-17-17 @ 4:07 PM CDT: MSRP on the P210 is $1699.00.

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