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Sig's 2019 Firearm Releases Detailed

The 2019 SHOT Show is almost upon us and we're a little late this year with our details on Sig Sauer's 2019 additions. We're playing catch up after our relocation and settling into our new building in Wright City, MO.

Classic Line Updates

Starting with the classic line, the P229 Legion SAO was added to Sig's catalog. There are two variants with differing magazine capacity:

E29R-9-LEGION-SAO - 15rd variant
229R-9-LEGION-SAO - 10rd variant for restrictive states (that think limiting magazine capacity actually stops criminals from committing murder)

Sig P229 Legion SAO

We've got both of these Legion pistols in stock already and listed on our online store with detailed in-house photos.

Sadly, the P229 is the only model in the classic line that saw new releases.

P320 Updates

First up is the P320 Compact Lima which is offered in two variants:

320C-9-B-LIMA-R - P320 Compact with 15rd magazine, contrast sights and red laser Lima grip module
320C-9-BSS-LIMA-G - P320 Compact with 15rd magazine, night sights and green laser Lima grip module

Sig P320 Compact Lima

Here is the detail page from Sig's 2019 catalog showing the standard (non X Series) P320's:


The most important thing to note here is that they list no .357 Sig models for P320. They've essentially dropped all .357 Sig variants with just two remaining in their dealer price list (E26R-357-LEGION and 320CA-357-BSS). These have minimum build requirements meaning they will accept orders from dealers but won't actually build them unless they hit a minimum commitment quantity from dealers.

P320 X-Series

Sig P320 X-Compact

One of the most exciting additions to the 2019 line is the P320 XCompact, part number 320XC-9-BXR3. This new variant is a cross between the subcompact and compact. The slide is the same length as the subcompact and it has a 3.6" barrel (.3" shorter than the regular P320 Compact). The grip is the same height as the P320 Compact and the XCompact also uses the 15rd Compact magazine. The Compact has X-Ray3 front and rear night sights.

Sig P320 X-Full

The XFull, 320XF-9-BXR3, is a new addition to the line for 2019 which has X-Ray3 front and rear night sights and an X-Carry grip module. This variant has a 4.7" barrel.

The previous X-Series models including the X-VTAC, X-Five, and X-Carry have all been updated to accept the Leupold Delta Point Pro as well as Sig's Romeo1T (not yet released). The part numbers end in -R2. We believe these will have a loaded chamber indicator (like the M17) which will provide an easy reference to determine if it is the R2 version versus the prior version (prior versions accept the standard Romeo1 and not the Leupold Delta Point Pro). Aside from the revised slide optics cut, we're not aware of other changes to these models. We'll post an update if we find additional information.

Sig P320 X5 R2

Sig P320 X-Carry R2  Sig P320 X-VTAC R2


Sig added a second variant to the P365 line with the release of the P365 with manual safety, part number 365-9-BXR3-MS.

Sig P365 Manual Safety

1911 / P238 / P938

Sig overhauled the Spartan pistols for 2019. The only additions to the 1911, P238 and P938 lines are the Spartan II variants. Strangely the 1911 Spartan II breaks from Sig's traditional part number scheme using the part number 1911F-45-SPARTANII. We don't know why they didn't follow their traditional scheme which, for this, would be 1911R-45-SPARTANII. The R in the part number should indicate rail where other 1911's (like the Fastback) start with 1911F. We have to think this was an error.

The P238 and P938 Spartan II pistols have an alloy frame versus the stainless steel frame of their predecessors. There are no remaining steel frame P238's or P938's with the exception of the P238 HD California Model (238-380-HD-CA).

Sig 1911 Spartan II

Sig P938 Spartan II

Sig P238 Spartan II


Pivoting Contour Brace

Sig has again redesigned their pistol brace and released an even lower profile version called the Pivoting Contour Brace (PCB) which is being implemented on all pistols that had a prior brace.


The MCX pistol now features the PCB and Sig has again included the 7.62x39 part number, PMCX-762R-11B-TAP. In prior years Sig included 7.62x39 part numbers in price lists but never delivered. We hope this year is different and they make it into production.

Sig MCX Rattler PCB

The Rattler chambered in 5.56mm  is shown above with the PCB. The photo below from Sig's site is below and shows the .300 Blackout version.

Sig Rattler PCB

The part number for the PCB Rattler is updated dropping the -PSB from the 2018 model which had a telescoping pistol brace. Below is the discontinued 2018 Rattler PSB.

Sig MCX Rattler PSB (2018)

Sig MCX Canebrake

The new Canebrake is a Rattler variant with PCB, extended hand guard and inert suppressor. The extended hand guard covers the front end of the barrel and rear of the suppressor.The training suppressor can be removed and replaced with a functional suppressor.


Like the MCX line, the MPX has been updated with the side folding Pistol Contour Brace. The 2018 model came with the telescoping pistol brace.

Sig MPX PCB 4.5

If the 4.5" was too long, Sig upped the ante with the MPX Copperhead which has a 3.5" barrel and integrated brake. This model has a telescoping pistol contour brace.

Sig MPX Copperhead

To get an idea of just how small the Copperhead is I put it next to my Gen2 MPX (9" barrel) and side folding SBX brace:

mpx-copperhead-vs-mpx9in-004 mpx-copperhead-vs-mpx9in-005 mpx-copperhead-vs-mpx9in-006 mpx-copperhead-vs-mpx9in-007 mpx-copperhead-vs-mpx9in-008

Sig M400

Three new M400 rifles are being released. The Vanish is similar to prior M400 Hunter models and has a 20" crowned barrel, Matchlite Duo Trigger, Magpul stock, and free float M-LOK hand guard.

Sig M400 Vanish

The M400 SDI V-TAC  has a fluted barrel, flared magwell, ambidextrous controls, Matchlite Duo flat blade trigger, and Microlite gas block with mid-length gas system.Sig M400 SDI VTAC

The M400 SDI Competition comes with a stainless fluted barrel, precision adjustable stock, Sig Matchlite Duo trigger, ambidextrous controls and flared magazine well. Sidenote... Sig may need a new proof reader for their catalogs. The specs in the catalog (shown below) call out a Coyote-Tan trigger but the photo shows a silver trigger. We assume they copied and pasted some of the specs from the V-TAC and missed this.Sig M400 SDI Competition

New Firearm Part Numbers

Below is a list of the part numbers, UPC codes, and MSRP of the new 2019 firearms referenced above. We included other part numbers Sig flagged as new even though some started shipping in the fall and were not referenced above.

Item Number UPC 2019 MSRP
238-380-LEGION 798681582525 $850.00
238-380-SPARTANII 798681605132 $738.00
938-9-LEGION 798681582532 $904.00
938-9-SPARTANII-AMBI 798681605149 $815.00
1911R-45-SPARTANII 798681599202 $1,359.00
1911CAR-45-SPARTANII 798681605125 $1,359.00
320X5-9-BAS-R2 798681598373 $1,005.00
320XF-9-BXR3 798681598403 $804.00
320XCA-9-BXR3-R2 798681598397 $804.00
320XC-9-BXR3 798681598380 $804.00
365-9-BXR3-MS 798681599479 $599.99
PMPX-3B-CH 798681599011 $1,835.00
PMPX-4B-9 798681596270 $2,162.00
PMPX-4B-9-COY 798681600540 $2,298.00
RMPX-16B-9 798681596201 $2,016.00
PMCX-300B-5B-TAP 798681600182 $2,719.00
PMCX-300B-5B-TAP-CANE 798681598724 $2,897.00
PMCX-5B-TAP 798681600199 $2,719.00
PMCX-762R-11B-TAP 798681600519 $2,335.00
RMCX-5B-TAP-SBR 798681601165 $2,727.00
RMCX-762R-16B-TAP-P 798681600533 $2,233.00


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