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The Hypocrisy of

When you want to see great examples of hypocracy, you don't have to look much farther than liberal organizations and companies. is an e-commerce powerhouse and because of their market share, we decided to give their Fulfillment by Amazon program a try. The prime candidate for the program was the hot Sig Pistol Brace. The program is pretty straight forward. You ship the inventory to Amazon and they ship it when a customer makes the purchase (Prime customers get free two day shipping).

We decided that despite the restrictive policies regarding firearm related items, the braces were good to go since was actually selling the FDE colored brace. This was indeed Amazon selling the braces and not another retailer using Fulfillment by Amazon.

We shipped black, FDE, and SBX braces to Amazon for Fulfillment. Before the first shipment of SBX braces arrived, Amazon had already black listed them and pulled them from their site calling the braces a stock. It was very hypocritical since at that time they still had in stock and were selling the FDE braces (screenshot directly below).

amazon-fde-brace amazon-twobracesNotice that it reads "Ships from and sold by" - hilarious!

So after they removed the SBX brace I called to complain and was told that the braces were removed because they were a stock. I explained that the ATF letter, included, states otherwise. After about a week of Amazon's team "investigating" I get a phone call from someone at Amazon telling me that the prior communication was all incorrect.  They were banned because stabilizers are against's policies. She told me that "it was in violation of the policy" and even though it isn't listed (anywhere) on it is still restricted (despite Amazon selling the FDE brace). She also told me that they have the right (per their terms of service) to destroy the inventory in their possession. We received our SBX brace inventory back from Amazon and yesterday they banned the FDE and black braces that we (and they had for sale) while still leaving a half dozen others:


It is pretty pathetic really that you can buy weapons like knives and bows but a chunk of rubber is against a non-published policy.

It is also ironic that they continued to ship the banned braces after serving us with the notice that they were banned:



Finally here is the screenshot from Nov 4 where they banned the SBX brace (the black and FDE brace was selling contined for another month and a couple days):


Also hilarious is that is serving up the AK Pistol Brace to me on their home page (as a result of their algorithm):


In the end Amazon has the right to allow or disallow any items on their site and we will create another case protesting the unpublished policy. A lot of consumers use Amazon because of the Prime shipping (I'm one of those) and it is very convenient too. We just couldn't help point out the hypocrisy of the company...

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