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  • Sig P365 Model Change

    Sig P365 X-Ray 3 365-9-BXR3

    Reports started appearing on Facebook over the last week that some (not all) of the first P365's shipped had defective front night sights (they didn't glow in low light). A relatively small total quantity of P365's have shipped to date (total quantity unknown but likely between 200 and 500). As more consumers received some of these early produced pistols, a few more reports popped up that front sights were defective. Continue reading

  • Nighthawk Custom VIP1 Hi Power

    Browning is ending production of the Hi Power and that means Nighthawk Custom is going to be unable to source pistols for their upgrades.
    Very few Hi Power pistols will be shipping from Nighthawk Custom but they slated a small set of limited edition pistols. This is the VIP1 and only ten were made (they are not numbered out of the ten).
    The VIP1 features custom grips, a color case hardened engraved frame, engraved slide, and colored controls.
  • Sig P365 Comparison Photos

    We were able to take some P365 comparison photos!

    Shown in the photos below are a Sig P250 chambered in 9mm, Springfield XDS chambered in .45 ACP, Ruger LCP chambered in .380 ACP, and Sig P365 chambered in 9mm. A few photos at the end show a Salient Glock 43 chambered in 9mm.

    Hopefully these will help provide some detail on overall size of the P365.

    365-9-BSS-Comparison-01 365-9-BSS-Comparison-02 Continue reading

  • Sig P365 with X-Ray 3 Sights

    Sig P365 X-Ray 3 365-9-BXR3Sig just released a second P365 variant, this one with X-Ray 3 sights. The rest of the specs seem to be the same as the original model.

    Part number: 365-9-BXR3
    UPC Code: 798681572762

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    Update 2/9/18: We've published a separate post explaining the change in P365 part numbers.

  • SHOT Show 2018

    We've been busy working our way around the floor of SHOT Show and have lots of photos to share.

    By far the new Sig P365 is the most exciting new release for the show. Truthfully the SHOT Show has been pretty lackluster in terms of new releases.

    Most manufacturers started releasing new model information as far back as November and while there have been some great additions to existing lines (Kimber had some cool new variations on their 1911 lines).

    STI dropped quite a few of their 1911's last year. There are really almost none left. They have, however, added quite a few variations to their 2011 line. We'll provide some more information on the changes from STI but we do have photos to share from the booth.

    STI2011-HOSTRMR-5-01 STI2011-HOSTRMR-5-05 Continue reading

  • Nighthawk Custom Agent 2 Pistol Released


    We've got another release from Nighthawk Custom, the Agent 2. This is a collaboration with Agency Arms. Continue reading

  • Sig P938 Stand


    Sig Sauer just released a new P938, the P938 Stand

    Details from Sig:

    STAND AND SUPPORT: Introducing the special edition P938 STAND. Show your unwavering support for the flag and for America’s National Anthem with this special commemorative edition. With its stars and stripes engraved slide and custom grips with embedded flag medallion, you’ll proudly share in our support for America’s troops and first responders. Continue reading

  • New Nighthawk Custom Ladyhawk 2.0


    Just released from Nighthawk!

    Nighthawk Custom, is pleased to announce its first of several new models for 2018, by revamping the top selling Ladyhawk line. The new Ladyhawk 2.0 is the first major upgrade to this series of pistols. The slim framed commander sized gun has been a huge hit with women who desire high quality handguns designed for smaller hands. Continue reading

  • Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle


    Yesterday Ruger announced their new PC Carbine and today they've dropped another new rifle, the Precision Rimfire Rifle.

    The new rifle has a threaded barrel, adjustable trigger, adjustable stock, and a relatively low price point (MSRP of $529). Continue reading

  • Ruger PC Carbine


    Ruger just announced the PC Carbine chambered in 9mm. It has interchangeable magazine wells to accept either Ruger SR mags or Glock mags. The Glock magazine well is included! The barrel is threaded. Continue reading

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